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Public Art Management
AART cooperates with a number of cutting-edge or well-known artists to provide developers or constructors with public artworks that fit the space. We provide an entire chain of artistic creation services relating to project artworks, from positioning and planning to conceptual solutions, in-depth design, production, installation, and landing, as well as commercial promotion and derivatives of following artworks. We have extraordinary creativity and practical ability to add a crucial touch to space and to create a spiritual field that can be perceived by the public.
Artist Platform
AART has built an art eco-platform for artists and newcomers around the world to promote artistic communication and cooperation at home and abroad. Through forms like exhibitions and project application, we will let more outstanding artists and artworks enter the city and space, so as to bring art with more possibilities.
Art Lab
Aart Lab conducts public art practice in a way that participates in [prototype] development.The laboratory believes that [prototype] is gradually emerging in development, rather than being completed in the first place, including the response to the environment and the consideration of art. It is a "present" state. In the infinite opposition to the spirit, the laboratory not only rigorously tests the craft but also continuously judges the value of public art, and finally completes its work in the continuation of the [prototype] gene. Therefore, the laboratory is not limited to the artwork itself, and more attention is paid to The overall value of art.
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